Mission - Vision

Aims and Objectives

In order to be a Vocational School that constantly improves itself, has a high reputation in the academic community and to be an entrepreneur and talented;


It is to educate modern ‘TECHNICIANS and CRAFTSMAN’ who are needed by the Turkish industry in the light of Ataturk’s Principles and Revolutions and in the framework of the resources provided by the Institute of Higher Education (YÖK) and our university. It is to train individuals who are equipped with universal values, constantly improves themselves, aims at life-long learning, can do analysis and synthesize and question, internalize ethical values, have teamwork skills, and who are entrepreneurs and also creative.


It is to educate conscious students who can adapt the constantly changing social-economic conditions and technological developments with the effect of globalization; who perceive the necessities of the time and who are sensitive to regional and national issues. It is to continue our studies to solve our region’s need for qualified intermediate staff; to continue symposium and workshop studies aiming at enhancing the collaboration among the university, industry and society and to pursue innovative and entrepreneurial practice and to maintain our mission which is being nationally and internationally recognized, respected and a leading vocational school.

 It is to be a global scale science and research center for all the programs of the vocational school which is environment-friendly and which has a comprehensive understanding in terms of culture, society and intellect.

  1. To respect individuals’ rights and freedom.

  2. Not to discriminate against religion, language, ethnicity, ideas, sex, sexual orientation, age or handicaps and to be fair and honest.

  3. To create and maintain an environment in our vocational school that enables free discussion.

  4. To protect the freedom of education, learn and to be informed.

  5. To support the development process of science by all individuals.

  6. To balance the principle of transparency and the principle of protection of the confidential information.

  7. To always maintain mutual respect between individuals and units.

  8. To protect enterprise resources and to ensure to use them effectively, carefully and fruitfully.

  9. To include individuals who are affected from the decisions directly or indirectly in the decision making processes.

  10. To act with overseeing the benefit of humanity and considering social responsibility and when doing work or making decisions.

  11. To improve personal competence; to act in consideration with sense of responsibility, honesty and reliability.

  12. To improve professional competence; to act in accordance with the protection of the profession’s and the institution’s dignity, and duty’s specific aims; to adopt quality and effectiveness principles when working.

  13. To promote and support personal development; to respect academic competence, experience and effort.

  14. To be environmentally sensitive, responsible and to treat respectfully to animal rights.

  15. To use authorities in our vocational school within the frame of academic autonomy, freedom and goodwill; to fulfill responsibilities; and to protect the principles in question in and outside the institution by the administrators.